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The Greenroom

Articles by Traci Danielle

These are MUST reads for ALL BTG Actors!

Acting Schools/Coaching

Taping Services

Fees vary per session. Bring a copy of the sides for the reader.


  • Kia Riddick (516) 680-1916
  • Avis-Marie Barnes (407) 227-0235
  • Kia Riddick (516) 680-1916
  • Jordan-Woods Robinson (646) 265-1254
  • Kim Malone (407) 403-2961 (Lake Mary)


  • Andi Matheny (727) 469-3457 (St. Petersburg)
  • Vivian Fleming-Alvarez (813) 928-2649
  • Lucius Baston (813) 789-7494 (Brandon)
  • Ricky Wayne (323) 799-1189 (Tampa)
  • Owen Harn (727) 410-5422 ( Largo)


  • Greg Pitts (310) 962-4855



  • Kim Houston (305) 491-7604
  • Therese at Lori Wyman’s office (305) 354-3901

BTG Logo – High Rez, Transparent Background

Please use this high resolution logo for promo cards and websites. It may be reduced in size, but colors and layout should not be changed.

BTG Logos for Resumes

Actors can download the following BTG logos for use on resumes. There are two versions to choose from, depending on your layout preference. Right-mouse-click and choose, “Save to desktop.” The third link is to a page of logos, formatted for Avery Labels #18257. In Acrobat Reader, after clicking on “Print,” make sure “Page Scaling” is set to “None,” or the labels will not align properly.

Websites for Actors